The Olsen Family has Arrived!

After a long plane ride across the North Atlantic Ocean into Sweeden, and another short plane ride across the border to Norway, the Olsens have finally arrived in Trondheim, Norway!

I came to the strange realization that this is the first time I have visited a country of which I am not a citizen and do not speak the official language! This has given me a very different view of world travel. A view that I did not have before boarding an international flight where I could only understand 50% of what was mumbled by the pilot over the PA system.

After arriving in Trondheim and renting a car, we wasted no time getting to know the city. Only minutes after checking into our cozy “pilgrims’ hotel” we ventured across the Nidelven River in search of some much needed food.


My little brothers, Lucas and Matheus, getting cozy in their own personal little “nook.” Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

We found ourselves at a very authentic Norwegian restaurant that felt very much like grandma’s house. (My brothers are going to be forced to get over their picky-ness on this trip…)


The herring “buffet.” Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

We ordered some seafood plates and my dad and I partook in the herring “buffet” of sorts. Although I will admit that it is not my new favorite food, I did enjoy trying something new and very true to the culture.

After dinner we walked through the streets (a bit aimlessly) until we all decided that going back to our cozy beds would be best… Well, here we are now. Awake at midnight, jetlagged and amazed by how bright it still is outside. Hello to the midnight sun!


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