Before Leaving Trondheim…

On our second day in Trondheim we tried to fit in tourist attractions that are not to be missed.

First, as our hotel is very close by, we walked through an old cemetery (which we could see through our hotel window. Spooky…) to the Nidaros Cathedral.


A view of the Nidaros Cathedral through the cemetery’s trees. Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

After the tour of the cathedral we also saw Norway’s Crown jewels and stopped by Trondheim’s center to take a picture with the great and powerful saint Olav… his statue that is.

We were lucky enough to arrive two minutes before the last english tour of the day at Nidaros took place!

Our tour guide, who was dressed in a long, red, “monk-like” robe, told the history of the historic cathedral. Telling us about how, when, and why it was built (and rebuilt many times).

He told us that the Nidaros Cathedral was built in honor of the famous king/saint Olav. Who had started life as a great viking and later went on to become a christian and the king of Norway.

Olav died in battle and his body was said to continue bleeding where the wounds that killed him were, and his hair and fingernails continued to grow… These are apparently signs of a “holy man” and so Olav was given the title of saint. Because of this, his body was laid to rest at the center of the great cathedral for all to see.

After some reformations in the church, Olav’s body was moved and misplaced but he continues to be considered Norway’s patron saint.

family in trondheim

Trondheim was beautiful and an amazing first exposure to Norwegian culture, we did the best we could with the time we had, and the taste of this wonderful city has left me wanting to see more! I’ll be back to Trondheim some day, with more time to explore all of its treasures!

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