It’s Pronounced "Fr-ue-ya"… I Think

I have always believed that the best way to travel is to spend time with the locals, while staying on Frøya, we were able to do just that.

We stayed with some relatives that are related to us through my grandfather. They knew about the Olsen family history on the island and were happy to spend a lot of time chatting with my dad (in Norwegian) about that history.

My dad loved being able to practice the language again but I was relieved to find that everyone spoke english!

We stayed at Rigmor and Torbjørn’s charming home. They were such gracious hosts and the entire family was so lovely! We met their two children, Sissel and Kare, and their families as well. Sissel has a daughter close to my age named Silje and she kept me company and showed me some of the things that people our age like to do on the island! (Silje races go-carts!)
She was the one who helped me achieve one of my childhood dreams of being surrounded by beautiful horses.


My view from inside the herd… Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

Silje took me to a horse barn, with over twenty horses, that is also owned by a member of the family! We came to a large pasture were many horses were grazing and as soon as they saw us approaching, they trotted over and enthusiastically sniffed my hands and hair, asking to be petted!


On the same day, we went on a fishing trip on Torbjørn’s boat.

The day was rainy, and cold, but the experience was simply amazing! We were fishing for cod and my brothers were very excited to experience their first bite on the hook!


My brothers and I getting ready to catch some fish! Photo credit: Peter Olsen

I never thought that I would enjoy fishing in this weather as much as I did, but just as Sissel said, “when the fish are biting, we do not feel the cold.”


My dad and the first big catch of the day! Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

This was my favorite experience in Norway so far! Kare and Torbjørn drove us right to where the fish were and we caught much more than I ever expected!


Matheus and I with my first catch! Photo credit: Peter Olsen

Experiences like this are why I think doing as the locals do is so much more fun than simply doing the “tourist things.” When I go to a new place I want to appreciate what daily life is like for those who live there, and thanks to this wonderful connection we were able to do just that!


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