Hiking Preikestolen: Talk About an Uphill Climb!

This entire trip, my brothers and I have been begging to go on a hike. We finally had a chance to experience one of the most breathtaking hikes in Norway a few days ago!

We were told about this hiking location, called Preikestolen, by one of my dad’s cousins and our great family friends when we were staying with them in Stavanger.


Little did we know that the Preikestolen hike is less “family friendly” than we thought…

We started the hike at around 11:30 a.m. and were expecting to spend an hour and a half climbing up and the same amount of time climbing down, but alas, we were way off on these calculations. The hike is not particularly long, only about two and a half miles each way, but the steep and rocky terrain can be grueling, and we did not come as prepared as we should have.

It took us at least three hours to reach the top (and another two to come down), with rests and water breaks all the way up. (Matheus was beating everyone on the way up and on the way down, I’m not sure how many times we had to yell ahead and tell him to wait for his slow-poke family members!)

We were all very proud of ourselves and of each other when we finally saw the amazing view of the fjord below! The view from standing nearly two thousand feet above sea level cannot be done justice through photographs, but we tried anyways!


When we got to the top we were astonished and absolutely breathless (because of the view and because of the physical exertion.)

My mom was cutting off the circulation in both of my brothers’ arms from holding on so tight… But she did not have a third hand to hold on to me or to my dad… So we went crazy with taking vertigo-inducing photos!

This has been my favorite experience of the trip so far… I can’t believe that my entire family was able to enjoy the view from the top!

A view that is most definitely worth the panting, sweating, and mild cursing that occurs on the trail.


I’ll be back Preikestolen… Don’t you change a bit.


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