Let’s All go to the Hytte!

I now know what it feels like to spend three days and three nights with absolutely no internet… and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty great!


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

This is my great aunt’s Norwegian “hytte” in the mountains (yes, it really is this picturesque.)
My family and I arrived here knowing that we were in for a relaxing and unique experience in the Norwegian mountains. There was no wifi, limited electricity, and limited hot water, but our stay was nothing less than perfect!
We were able to enjoy three wonderful days of family visits, fishing, home cooked meals and simply enjoying the open air and the hytte filled with family.

Matheus and his wiggly catch of the day! Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

Wonderful things can happen when we put down our phones, but sometimes we need a little help putting them away… Not having internet was the help that I needed! It was so wonderful to reconnect with the Norwegian crew!
Thank you to my great aunt Kari and great uncle Torleif, and the rest of the Sundt family, for letting us crash at the Hytte!

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