The Moment I Realized that I am Really, Actually, Very Far Away From Home… And it is Fantastic.

The first weekend at University of Oslo was difficult when it comes to home sickness. Since I’ve been in Norway, I have not yet experienced home sickness… Until the morning that I woke up and realized that my family was now on their way home and I was here.

In a large city, in foreign country, surrounded by people I’d never met before. It was a shocking realization to me, and not a happy realization at first. I felt a little lost to say the least.
The first weekend was the worst. I was trying to make new friends, remember names and faces, and make a good first impression. Which were all things that gave me enough anxiety to make me wish I was home.
However, every day became easier and easier. I realized how happy I was that I got to be here for more than a month when the entire class was taken on a tour bus around the city.

There are so many places that are still left to experience in the city of Oslo. I still can’t believe that I have time to see it all! Not only that, but I also found a fantastic group of friends who seem to be as excited as I am about exploring this amazing city and country!


Exploring Songsvan on a rainy day. Photo credit: Alex Knutson

We went on our first small exploration on June 23rd for the midsummer celebration at The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.


The performance that screamed, “you’re in Norway! Enjoy it!” Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

It was there that my thought of, “being here is scary” turned in to “I can’t believe I’m here! In Norway! This is amazing!” All thanks to a few new friends and experiencing a little bit of traditional Norwegian heritage…

I’m sure that my home sickness will return at some point, but for now I am just so thankful that I get to enjoy another country. When it does return, I know what to do, I will go find more amazing things to explore in the city that never darkens Oslo, Norway.

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