Fredrikstad, Norway

After a week of classes and of exploring within the city of Oslo, my new friends and I decided to take a trip south! We decided to go to Fredrikstad a historical city that takes about an hour and a half to get to by bus.
The town was founded in 1567 and its main attraction is the “Old Town.” A star shaped fort that was built at the mouth of the Glomma river in 1663.

We arrived around 11 a.m. and had to take a ferry from the main land to the fort town. Which was a great way to start the day, on the water and enjoying the sun.


Sitting on the fort’s wall.

When we arrived in Old Town we immediately started exploring and taking pictures. Our first stop was, of course, for coffee! Amazed by how lucky we got with the weather, we then proceeded to walk all the way around the town and try to see these star points for ourselves.

Along the way we posed for many pictures with the old structures that still stand in the town. My favorite was being able to walk along the outer wall of the fort and seeing the river from above.

After walking around the town we ventured in to the town, and it felt like an ideal Norwegian village…

Colorful homes and shops lined the cobblestone streets. It made us feel like we were in a picture book. There were so many trees and flowers… it was truly like a Monet painting.

While walking through the main square, we stumbled upon an antique fair! We spent some time looking at the small treasures that the citizens of the town were trying to sell. Which included jewelry boxes carved by hand, antique china, hand-made wool accessories, and vinyl (Which I was happy to spend a few kroners on).

After a great day of exploring, we got on the bus to take us back to Oslo. We were tired and we were hungry after our little exploration, and we even made it back in time for dinner!

I would recommend a visit to Fredrikstad for anyone who is interested in Norwegian history and culture. The trip was a perfect way to see yet another part of this beautiful country.


The gang! (with Alex Knutson taking the photo.)


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