Oslo to Bergen: "Must Do" Experiences

This weekend, the students of the International Summer School at the University of Oslo were treated to an amazing road trip from Oslo to Bergen, and I was among these lucky students. We were able to experience some of the best sights, sounds, and tastes of Norway. All thanks to the impressive organizational skills of the University of Oslo and the tour coordinators. If you are planning a Scandinavian road trip, I highly recommend the trip we took. Here is a guide to some “must do” experiences, in order, for this fantastic trip.

Visit Borgund Stave-Church

Known as one of the best preserved stave churches in Norway, Borgund stave-church is a little slice of history. Located in a picturesque valley, this location allows all guests to imagine what Norway might have been like in a simpler time.


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

Go on a Fjord Cruise from Flåm to Gudvangen


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

Complete with narration about the surroundings, this cruise gives you some of the best views of an authentic Norwegian fjord! You’ll see villages, waterfalls and wildlife while on this ride… Maybe even catching a glimpse of some sleeping trolls? (otherwise known as mountains.)

Have Lunch at the Viewpoint by Hotel Stalheim

Such a simple pleasure.


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

Visit Tvindevossen in Voss

The best rest stop around…


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

Take a Historical Tour of Bergen

I would highly recommend taking a guided historical tour of these charming antique buildings in Bryggen. The history is so rich, it is sure to make anyone appreciate these building for more than what they are now… Overpriced gift shops.

Eat Fresh Seafood at the Wharf!

I cannot stress this enough… This was the best seafood we ever had.


Take a Ride on the Fløybanen

This short ride up a mountain gives you the best overhead views of Bergen!


 Visit Ole Bull’s Mansion

Ole Bull is considered one of the greatest musicians of all time. He was known for playing his violin and for being so handsome that women would faint when he walked in. It’s no wonder that his summer home is equally as beautiful… I almost fainted.


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

Visit Baroniet Rosendal


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

Have a Traditional Norwegian Dinner at Haukeliseter Fjellstue

Here you are able to experience the changing landscape of Norway! Snow in July? Yes really!


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

Finally, Arrive back in Oslo

I hope that this list will inspire some of you to road trip, whether it is in Norway or somewhere else! I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything! A huge thanks to all of those working for UIO that made this trip amazing! Here is a map of the entire trip…



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