Besides Seeing The Little Mermaid

Highlights From my Weekend in Copenhagen

My last weekend in Scandinavia arrived much sooner than I expected. About five weeks before this last chance to explore arrived my roommate and I planned a visit to another Scandinavian country, Denmark. It is amazing how cheap airplane tickets can be when you travel within Europe, and so we took advantage of our situation… If only America was a little bit closer.
We left Oslo very early in the morning and arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark a mear two hours after stepping out of our dorm rooms. In still amazes me that it took less time to travel between countries than it takes to drive from my family’s home in Iowa to Chicago, Illinois.
The first thing we did when we got to Copenhagen was buy our “Copenhagen Pass.” This is a card that allows the holder to see a variety of museums and attractions and have unlimited public transportation.

We decided to pay for the forty eight hour pass and take advantage of as many of these perks as possible. Many major cities (including Chicago, New York, and other US cities) offer similar cards or daily passes.

In my opinion this was the best decision we could have made, the transportation itself paid the card off. With this card we were able to experience several museums, tours, and attractions. I really felt like I got the most out of the short time we had in the city.

Since I do not want to bore everyone with the details of the trip, here are some funny highlights from my trip to Copenhagen.

1. Experiencing Nyhavn, where all of the restaurants that are too expensive for college students are located.


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

2. Visiting the gardens after touring Rosenborg castle and feeling as if I should be “painting the roses red.”


Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen


3. Eating a danish in Denmark of course!


4. Trying not to hit our heads on the medieval bridges that cross the canals of the city.


5. Seeing more bicycles than I have ever seen in my entire life…


6. Capturing the most epic photobomb ever at Tivoli gardens… and laughing way too hard about it afterwards.


7. Drinking beer and hanging out with horses at 10 a.m. on a Monday at the Carlsberg Brewery… and then eating an entire curry-chicken pizza.


I had such a fantastic (and goofy) experience with my friends on Copenhagen. It was definitely not was I expected in the best way possible. I can now cross another country off of my list! Thank you Denmark!


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