I Guess It’s Time for a Move!

After coming back to Iowa and enjoying a much-needed absolutely ordinary month of summer, the time has come for the big move. Yes, after two extra years of living at home with the ‘rents it is finally time to spread my wings and fly three hours north to the big city and finally experience the “college life.”
I am now officially based out of “Chi-town,” “Paris on the Prairie,” “The Windy City.” Also known as Chicago, Illinois. 
My official move-in day into the dorms at Columbia College Chicago was three days ago on the 1st of September.
The temperature outside was dangerously close to an unbearable 90 degrees and when my parents and I finally lugged all of my packed up goodies to the 7th floor, sweat dripping, we were surprised to find that the apartment was already buzzing with activity.
All three of my suite-mates made appearances within the first hour and I was finally able to meet Carlie! Carlie and I share a bedroom in the apartment and have been communicating through Facebook for a few months beforehand, but we had never met in person until this day!
My parents and I were also surprised to find that the AC in our lovely space was not fully working… which made the stress of unpacking even greater. My mom and dad helped so much with organizing the kitchen and the bedroom… and I must admit that I tried to stall them a bit so I wouldn’t have to say “bye” too soon.
As it turns out, saying bye to your parents always comes too soon, and, just like what happened in Oslo, when my mom turned to me to give me a hug goodbye my tears could not be held back!
After all of the parents left and I pulled myself together Carlie showed me her talents in decorating our bedroom walls!
It turns out that we have very similar tastes and I am so happy that she brought all of the decorations she did… I kind of dropped the ball on the decorating part of the move … Something I will need to work on as the semester progresses.
After all of the boxes were recycled and all the appliances and towels and clothes were put in their place, we could finally relax. The AC was fixed and we were ready to sleep after the emotional and exhausting day had ended.

It still feels surreal to call Chicago my new home and I can’t wait to explore the streets, but for now I’ll just enjoy the view from my bedroom window.


Sunset on the lakefront. Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen


One thought on “I Guess It’s Time for a Move!

  1. Ale 🙂
    I felt your emotion, and when i finished reading your post I had tears in my face! Be happy friend. And this your determination in explorer the places, bring to you success in your new career. Share it ever.


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