The Transition: Why I’m Glad Oslo Came Before Chicago

I have now spent an entire week living on my own (with three other lovely ladies) in the big city, and what a week it has been! I’ve gotten mixed up with the busses, walked way too far in swealtering heat, found out how much I actually eat in groceries, and screamed “HELL YEAH!” at my college’s Vice President at new student convocation!


Columbia College’s welcoming ceremony. Photo credit: Alexandra Olsen

I feel so welcomed into this community. Everyone here is so open minded and ready to create new things and test new ideas.

Today I started my classes and I felt an overwhelming amount of joy while meeting other students in my major and afterwards when I left my intro to journalism class.

Stepping outside to realize that I am in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world! A city with opportunities, culture, passion, and a captivating energy that cannot be ignored. I love walking down the street and being in the middle of the “hustle and bustle.”

I love looking out of my apartment window and seeing life happen.

I haven’t felt homesickness since I arrived in Chicago. This is why I am happy with what I experienced at the University of Oslo this summer.

It was a small sample of what college life is really like and it gave me a taste of living on my own. Being in Oslo was actually more of a “shock” into what college life is. A shock that I am glad I received, I don’t know how I would have handled this move had I come straight from Iowa.

At least in Chicago, I am only three hours from home and I won’t go six weeks straight without seeing my loved ones. Because of Oslo I knew what to expect, in a sense, when I moved to Chicago and said “goodbye” to mom and dad.

I guess what I feel is, prepared. I am prepared to be alone sometimes, prepared to miss Cody’s laugh, and prepared to meet new people. Being prepared to buy my own groceries… Now that is a different story.

I am looking forward to my future in Chicago. All I have to say is, “bring it on!”


2 thoughts on “The Transition: Why I’m Glad Oslo Came Before Chicago

  1. Tenho certeza de que o seu futuro foi projetado para você e esta publicação mostra exatamente isso. “Você fez a escolha certa” Parabéns!!

    I'm sure that your future was designed for you and this publication shows exactly it. “You did the right choice” Congrats!!


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