Throwback Thursday: Hiking in Roanoke, Virginia

Sometimes, the best road trip destinations are those that are not worldwide phenomenon. This is what we found when we stopped in Roanoke, Virginia while on our east cost road trip in March 2015.
It was the spring break of my sophomore year of college and my boyfriend Cody and I wanted to do an amazing, yet cheap, east coast road trip hitting quite a few famous destinations along the way. Such as the white house, the liberty bell, and the statue of liberty!
We wanted to stay with locals all the way through our trip since we both think that this is the best way to experience any city. We also took the opportunity to visit Cody’s cousin and his family in Roanoke.
Roanoke, although not well known for tourism, was a fantastic stop in our road trip. We had a relaxing yet exciting weekend getting to know the charming town surrounded by mountains, and we spent quite a bit of time out in nature.
 Since we came to Virginia during the weekend, Cody’s cousin Lance was able to show us one of his favorite places to hike close to town.
I’ll be honest and say that I was not prepared for this hike at all; it was much steeper than I anticipated. The day was cold and wet and the trail was foggy all the way up.
We took about 45 minutes to get to the top, and when we did the panting, the sweating, and the damp weather were all worth bearing.
We then climbed some huge boulders at the peak and just as we pulled ourselves up the fog began to roll in and out of our view from up above. This view was breath taking. We could see the horizon, rolling hills, and mountain peaks.
The next day we were joined by Lance’s wife Leah, and little Jacie on a mild hike and a picnic! We ate sandwiches and “looked for bears” around a wooded area that was covered in crunchy leaves.
I am so glad that Cody and I stopped in Roanoke while on our east coast road trip. We got to spend time with some great people and to explore some hidden treasures of Virginia. We would have never thought about stopping here if it hadn’t have been for Cody’s family.

Don’t be afraid to visit lesser-known destinations while on road trips. They might just end up being your favorite!


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