Throwback Thursday: Memphis, AKA "Barbecue Heaven"

After the one-day stop in Saint Louis, that I wrote about in my last throwback post, we headed to Memphis, Tennessee/Arkansas. Cody and I were invited to a wedding there and we thought it would be a great opportunity for me to meet Cody’s family and to see where he was born.
We stayed with some family friends, on the Arkansas side of the river, and couldn’t have asked for more gracious hosts. David and Angie gave us a place to stay and some good “hang outs” while we were there.
Cody already had plans for dinner on the first night.
We made our way to downtown and found ourselves in a forty-minute wait at “Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous”, a barbecue staple in Memphis since 1948 that is famous for their dry-rub and ribs.
In fact, only a few months prior, Princes Harry and William had visited the restaurant! I guess they also wanted to get their hands dirty in the delicious meats while in the US of A.

We were finally seated and immediately ordered some sweet tea… Which is a must while down in Tennessee. I let Cody do all of the ordering, since he claims to be an “expert.” We started with the barbecue brisket nachos.


Served on a paper plate, as they should be, these nachos where absolutely delicious.

Crunchy “elementary school” nacho chips topped with high quality brisket and classic nacho cheese, the combination was a nostalgia filled food trip that can only be described as fantastic.
So simple, yet oh-so-good!
The menu is packed with delicious options, but the real star is obviously the ribs! So we of course had to order them!
This would be my first experience with true southern barbecue, I could hardly wait for that sturdy paper plate piled slow smoked meat to arrive, and when it did Cody was quick to snap a picture of me before taking a bite.
Little did I know that this bite was about to put all other ribs that I had ever eaten to shame. The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender, the seasoning was just right, and my mouth is watering as I type this…
The next day we went to the wedding and had a great time dancing and celebrating with the family, all the while still dreaming about that meal…
If you ever find yourself in Memphis, Tennessee be sure to stop by Rendezvous. Be ready to dine like royalty… Off of paper plates.

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