Throwback Thursday: How to Enjoy the Ride

(This post is a repost from 2014. When I used to write for the “Good Karma Shirt Co. Blog.”)

In August of 2014 my best friend and I returned from our very first cross-country road trip. It took 4 days of driving and spanned 8 states; Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and our final destination California, where we then spent 5 days. It was a long and eventful trip during which I learned a lot about the basics of road tripping. If you are planning your own driving adventure you know that planning can be exhausting. I have compiled a list of the top three things that made my road trip a worthwhile ride.

1. Optimism
            Sure, you could have taken an airplane to your destination, but this probably would have resulted in huge holes in your wallet! So you’ve chosen to drive to your destination. Whether this was a deliberate or forced choice I recommend finding the light! The United States is a vast and beautiful country, if you took an airplane you would miss all of the changing scenery and quirky little attractions. Just remember that getting there is half the fun!

My companion, Cody, in front of a “quirky” attraction that we couldn’t pass up…

            Don’t be afraid to stop at those quirky local attractions, It might be your only chance to experience them! Sometimes you’ll find something wonderful that you didn’t even know you were looking for. Calculate stops into your road trip, even though you think it’ll take a certain amount of time it will usually take a bit more. Especially if you give in to your inner “Curious George.”
3. A Lewis to your Clark
            The road can become a very lonely place on long trips so having a companion can make the trip much more memorable and enjoyable. Just like Lewis and Clark, you and your driving companion will be embarking on a long journey to places that are unknown to both of you. Also like the historical traveling duo, you will need quite a bit of trust and familiarity with each other.  It will be difficult to keep conversation throughout the entirety of your trip and so it is good to pick a partner that you know well enough to enjoy the sights in silence with. The people that you can be yourself around, and can be themselves around you, make the best road trip companions.
(P.S. Your GPS will be your Sacagawea.)

I hope this helps others planning their own cross-country adventures. Good luck and happy traveling!

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