Cheap Travel Hacks for Students: Food

Food, it’s what keeps us going after a long day of traveling and exploring, but sometimes food can be expensive and forgotten when planning a travel budget. Looking for unique way to fill your tummy and fuel your body can help keep that budget on track.

Look for hotels with breakfast

No matter how simple, a complimentary breakfast can make life as a budgeted traveler just a little bit easier.

Having breakfast included in a hotel bill can save you some money on your overall food expenses and can provide a great source of snacks for later on. Be sure to fill up during breakfast and then pack some munchies for the rest of the day. Breakfast buffets often offer fruits that are easy to take on the go, such as apples and oranges, as well as other things that can be easily transported.



Photo credit: Creative Commons License: Flickr: “Breakfast” by TechCrunch

Cereal in the Hotel Room

This is a great hack for when finding a hotel with breakfast included becomes more of a hassle than an easy benefit. It is also helpful for longer trips.

This tip does not only apply to cereal for breakfast, but perhaps even sandwiches for lunch, or various snack for throughout the day.

Make sure your hotel room offers a fridge and if you are able to use it without being charged. If there are drinks and snacks provided by the hotel in the fridge already do not move anything. Those pesky “you moved it, you bought it” rules can really screw up a well-planned meal budget.

If you can use the fridge, a big bowl of milk and cereal in the morning can be an extremely budget-friendly way to begin your day of adventuring.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to buy bowls and spoons.

Pack Lunches and Snacks

This hack goes along with the above, it all depends on the fridge.

Again, if your hotel allows you to use the fridge freely then consider packing lunches. Go grocery shopping at the beginning of your trip and save some bucks by eating simply. A sandwich and some chips taste even better when you’re on vacation.

Snacking can also be a good way to stay fueled without spending more money than anticipated. Continuously eating healthy snacks throughout the day may even eliminate the need for a large lunch.

This hack can also be done if your hotel has a more extensive breakfast buffet. Get creative and create lunches from the breakfast spread!


A little bit of sugar can go a long way.

Look for Restaurants Near College Campuses

If the place you are visiting has a local college or is a “college town” then you are sure to find cheap eats nearby.

Business owners know that their target customers, college kids, are looking for delicious food for a delicious price. Lucky for you since you are also in search of the same thing.

Not only will these restaurants be generally cheap they will also often offer student discounts.

Student discounts are your best weapon when traveling as a student, never forget to ask about them. Even a small percentage discount can help you keep your trip deliciously within your budget.

This cheap student travel post series will also feature a post about cheap-intriguing attractions and cheap-comfortable lodging ideas. All of the tips combined might just make your memorable college-kid trip possible.


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