My Summer Internship at the Moline Dispatch

On May 16 I began my summer internship in Moline, Illinois at the Dispatch. A local newspaper that has been covering news in the Quad-Cities for many years. This internship has given me the opportunity to move back to my hometown for the summer, and although many college students look forward to using summer as an escape, I look forward to being utterly and completely immersed in my new full-time position at the Dispatch.


How I got in

I began looking for a summer internship back in March. After having great experiences at both of my online internships, I was ready for yet another hands-on internship that would expose me to a newsroom atmosphere.

I was not yet sure where I wanted to go for the summer, and I actually applied for an internship in Boulder, Colorado. But after finding that this internship offered no compensation or housing stipend, I decided to stay local. I knew there would be a place for me to stay in the Quad-Cities, where my fiance was waiting for me.

I began emailing the local newspapers and publications in the QC and had several interviews. After some back and forth, and demonstration of my previous work, I was asked to work for the Dispatch as a summer reporting intern.

I was ecstatic about the offer and delightfully surprised that the position was paid. I accepted the offer as quickly as I could.

My responsibilities

I will be working full-time while at the Dispatch. Reporting, writing, and learning all about the world of local newspaper production.

I am a little nervous but mostly excited about reporting in the “real world” for an established publication. I am told that I will be writing everything from press releases to breaking-news stories, a nice range for a starting position… and no, I will not be getting anyone coffee. (Hooray!)

The first impression

I arrived at the Dispatch building at 9 am sharp on May 16. The first day was a lot of paperwork and introductions to people and computer program that I will be using to submit my work.

I was already given my very own desk, company email, and phone extension. I already feel like more of a reporter than I have ever felt.

I am told that there are plans to give me an assignment on my second day…


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