Moline Dispatch, Week 1: dog neutering and missing the fire

Although my first week at the Moline Dispatch has been a bit slow at times, I know that the engines are just revving up for the summer.

My first assignment

After spending my first day doing the necessary paper work I was given my first assignment on Tuesday. I was to cover an announcement that would be made by a local animal shelter at a press conference.

This animal shelter was the Quad Cities Animal Welfare Center in Milan, Illinois.They announced an expansion of their clinic and after grabbing a few quotes from the press conference, the photographer assigned to the event and I were treated to a “behind the scenes” look of the QCAWC’s current clinic area.

Needless to say, I was not expecting or prepared to watch a dog being neutered that day… But it happened so quickly that I saw everything happen at once. One minute we were standing around and unconscious dog, waiting for the anesthetics to kick in, and the next the veterinarian had his testicles out, clipped, and in a natural waste container. One of these organs decided to stick to her finger, and she proceeded to look at the photographer and tell him, “you know, testicles are one of the stickiest things you’ll ever encounter.”

After that ordeal I made my way back to the office to write my story, click here to read the result.

How lunch breaks work…

Sometimes you think, “hey it’s a slow day, I’ll go eat tacos with my fiance for lunch,” and then a fire happens and you miss your chance to go to it…

Yes. That happened this week.

I’ll be bringing lunch from home from now on.

Intern “hazing”

According to the other reporters, every year the interns are tasked with the mundane and time-consuming task of updating and fact checking the the QC Living Guidebook. This book feature all-things Quad-Cities. From surrounding towns and villages to schools, from entertainment to famous residents and ex-residents… It is basically a giant compilation of information-filled lists.

The lists are split between the interns and I have been tasked with updating the “Cities, Towns, and Villages” section.

Basically, I compare the information in the QC Living book with information I can find on the towns’ websites, and when the town does not have a website… I call and am sorely disappointed when no one picks up or calls me back.

I am now stuck with having updated all but seven of the more than 50 cities, towns, and villages… It is infuriating.


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